Annual prize to the best paper

25 June 2010

Juan Arizaga, Aitor Galarza & Asier Aldalur

We are honored to announce that the prize for a study published in the Revista Catalana d'Ornitologia (RCO) during 2009 has gone to Juan Arizaga, Aitor Galarza, Alfredo Herrero, Jon Hidalgo and Asier Aldalur for their paper entitled "Distribución y tamaño de la población de la Gaviota Patiamarilla Larus michahellis lusitanius en el País Vasco: tres décadas de estudio" [Distribution and size of the Basque population of Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis lusitanius: three decades of study]. Please, follow this link to see the blog post and this another link to download the pdf of the paper. You can see all published 2009 papers here (*).

Photo by Juan Arizaga

This prize is an annual initiative of the RCO aimed to encourage authors to submit their studies to the journal, and to acknowledge the best contributions to the RCO with a prize of 600 Euros.

(*) Please, note that papers from the RCO editorial board and ICO staff can not receive this prize.

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